THD Webinars of March

In March THD organized 8 webinars dedicated to different diagnostic and surgical procedures

In March THD organized 3 Webinars dedicated to the THD® Doppler surgical technique held by Dr. Giordano, 2 webinars dedicated to the Pelvic floor ultrasound held by Dr. La Torre and 3 webinars focused on the Clinical Anorectal Manometry held by Dr. Cavazzoni and Dr. Leo.

Dr. Pasquale Giordano explored the technical steps of the THD® Doppler method and presented THD® Anolift technique during two different webinars: one for Italian surgeons and the other one for foreign surgeons. The recent clinical evolution has allowed THD® Doppler method to reaffirm its leading role in treating all degrees of hemorrhoidal pathology in a minimally invasive way. The attendees of the webinars were able to appreciate the cornerstones of the THD method, focused on the correction of arterial hyperflow and prolapse.

During two courses dedicated to foreing doctors, Dr. Marco La Torre focused on the ultrasound imaging of the pelvic floor and on its different applications. Dr. La Torre showed the advantages of transanal ultrasound imaging performed with THD® EAUS ultrasonic probe. Thanks to its speed and ease of use, THD® EAUS probe allows for a complete and detailed view of the pelvic floor and sphincter muscles.

Dr. Emanuel Cavazzoni and Dr. Alex Leo focused on Anorectal manometry, an examination used for the precise assessment of the functionality of the anal sphincters and rectum. On 3 different webinars they illustrated the basic steps of anorectal manometry, performed with THD® Anopress, a portable anorectal manometer with a dedicated software and single-use probes specifically designed to be used in combination with it.

The participation to the Webinars was high and involved surgeons from different countries. The courses, open to a limited number of participants, were hosted on Zoom and THD is very happy of the interest and participation registered so far.